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Ok…if you are a mom and you are on Facebook I realize that is a GREAT way to the let the World know how Adorable your children are….but let’s stick to some guidelines:

1. During pregnancy if you feel the need to photo your stomach every week please add a disclosure….b/c NOT everyone thinks pregnant bellies are awesome….they give me the heebie jeebies (IF I ever get pregnant TRUST ME I will feel the same way about myself)
2. When you go into Labor please don’t drag it out over a 2 page status update with all the details
3. Once you have ‘new baby’ you are permitted to go crazy with updates and baby pics for ONE month…then you have to start incorporating stuff OTHER people care about….or at least aren’t sick of hearing about or seeing
4. Don’t change your default photo to a picture of your baby (or babies)… are still you….you did not turn into ‘The Baby’….well you probably did…but let’s pretend you still are an individual
5. Eliminate Potty Training updates altogether….seriously….isn’t their ‘Group Therapy’ for that???
6. Don’t go with the flow…EVERYONE does First Day of School updates…..why not pick a random number out of a hat and update that day of school……Then everyone will notice your update
7. Only post FUNNY and ORIGINAL stuff your children do….even if you have to make it up…no one cares if your child found out he/she has buggers and thinks they taste good…EVERYONE’s child discovers that @ some point
8. Remember before you were a Mom…you were YOU…..and don’t forget that…..we want to hear what YOU are doing, sometimes, not always…..unless you are still really interesting and clever

Ok…I think that concludes today’s Rant…..