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NO Soliciting

Posted: August 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

We used to have quite a few people soliciting around our neighborhood, so some guy had the brilliant idea of joining the solicitors by selling cheap ass stickers you can put on your door that says “NO SOLICITING”. Of course, since I was out-of-town and Mr. DragonFly is too nice, or just stupid….he bought one of the stickers. So instead of letting it go to waste I posted it on our door. Does this help the situation NO…of course not.
JUST now 2 idiots just knocked on my door and being drunk with the anticipation of my new Droid X being delivered I stupidly answered the door. First thing they said is they are not selling me anything they just want to tell me about a product they are offering….Um…same fucking thing douche bags. I told them I didn’t have time to learn about a new product and closed the door.
I am now going to be working on a NEW sign to post on my door:

1. You know me, my husband, or my 150lb Rottweiler
2. You are from a respectable deliver company delivering me something I ordered, or someone bought for me 🙂
3. You are letting me know that my house is on fire, or that I am in some other kind of danger, I wasn’t aware of
4. You are a new, FUN, neighbor that wants to get drunk
5. You are being chased by killers and need somewhere to hide…
— also…..#5 is only valid if the killers didn’t follow you to my house….if they did I will call 911, but I am NOT opening the door, sorry

I hope this note will clear up any misconceptions people MIGHT have about me having ANY interest whatsoever in talking to them about ANYTHING