My Debut on Forensic Files

Posted: April 22, 2010 in stupid shit, Unfortunate Events

I was just thinking that I really wish that someone would just walk through the door and shoot me to death. Nothing too dramatic…… raping or torture just a simple shooting will do. I could hire someone to make sure that it gets done right………….after all that is said and done I could be on Forensic Files.In the dramatization Kip, from Napolean Dynamite, will play the killer and he will ask me where should we do this…………I will open one sleepy eye barely lifting my head off the pillow and answer by saying it doesn’t really matter just let me put on my favorite ball gown…………its red and comes with long gloves.Nothing really bad comes from my death except that the liquor store down the street goes out of business.My quote for that day will be that Hating myself was my destiny and I was willing to die for it.Too bad it wasn’t already tomorrow because I am pretty sure my destiny for tomorrow will be World Peace……………Stupid timing………..sometimes hiring a person to kill you has to come before World Peace

  1. What ever you do? DO NOT forget a tiara, adding the perfect amount of tragic glitter to the scene. When your loved ones sob tears of complete despair and the light hits your tiara it will be the most beautiful prism induced bokeh…EVER!

  2. MODAT says:

    Love it! You’re awesome!!

  3. Joanell says:

    Brilliant! Simply brilliant…

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