Luchadores Mexicanos

Posted: March 21, 2010 in random, Uncategorized

Reasons I should not pass up the next opportunity to buy a Mexican Wrestling Mask:
1. For when Solicitors come to the door
2. To scare Mr. DragonFly when he comes home from work
3. Taking Sasha on a walk around the neighborhood
4. Gardening
5. Dress Up– (duh!)
6. Who doesn’t need a Mexican Wrestling Mask?? You never know WHEN it may come in handy
7. Wrestling
8. Sunbathing
9. going to the ATM late @ night

Maybe more to come……….

  1. Frankzzz says:

    I have one ! Silver ! sooooooooooo kinky !

  2. […] sorts of novelty items, including mexican Wrestling masks (which I am STILL regretting not buying). Luchadores Mexicanos The restaurant was only about 4 blocks away from our hotel but somehow I managed to get us lost on […]

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