Gettin’ Your Mammories Scanned’

Posted: February 10, 2010 in HELP, things you don't really want to know about me, Unfortunate Events

ok….well, whatever…..Mammogram….
Anyway, today I went for my FIRST ever mammogram….I was a ‘wee bit nervous’ b/c I had heard it HURTS and also….b/c besides me being ‘at the age’ one must get a mammogram (for first time) My last visit to Doc he found a lump, so my mammogram was ‘diagnostic’ = uh we REALLY want to CHECK out like EVERYTHING……
Um…ok….I mean I felt the lump @ time of visit but that was December and since then I haven’t really felt it….and dr. wasn’t SUPER worried so I was kind of like– yeah it’s probably cool, just good to get checked out and all.
In fact when checking in for mammogram they kept asking me ‘You have a lump?’ and EVERY time I rsponded w/ a self breast exam….which later when I went to sit amongst those in the waiting room was probably not normal…..I mean who just starts giving themselves a self breast exam, in public….as a response to a question.
So yeah, getting back to the Mammers Gram….first of all….didn’t hurt. I don’t know…maybe b/c I kind of have big boobs so they don’t have to conturt me too much to shove my lusciousness into ‘the machine’.
After that I had an Ultrasound…since I was considered ‘diagnostic’……so yeah, dr ultrasounded my breast for like forever so like I KNEW something was up….or she REALLY liked my boob. And end result was…..”Well, we would like to do a biopsy”…..they showed me whatever the fuck specialists see on that B&W screen and I was like….”uh huh” ok…..
They have assured me it is probably nothing to worry about…and I feel the same….BUT I sort of thought that when I went into the Mammogram… after it absorbed into my mind and I realized I am having a 2nd biopsy in 1 month I kind of started to feel weak.
There were a couple of breakdowns, I am not going to lie, but I think it is important to face certain emotions…and even though I AM a strong person I am not invicible and sometimes I have to get shit out.
I do feel optimistic….I do…..but yeah….it’s just a lot to absorb all @ once……
And this shit is NOT cheap either so that SUCKS……
Ok….but things are gonna be ok….Just thought you might like to know what is going on and that mammograms don’t hurt…(if your boobs are big enough to shove into the machine)
And to all you guys…..I KNOW *SEXY*…but whatever…..
Actually maybe next time I get a mammogram I will totally do a HOT photo shoot so you are not all — Aaahhh….mammograms= girl stuff—-
Um….I think that is all FOR NOW….maybe

  1. Totally understand….and fucking boobs!

    I can’t really conjur up too much more funny as the funny is stuck in my right boob now. Not even the evil left boobie.

  2. mcneatoburrito says:

    I’ve had two biopsies. One at the early age of 18. Yep. I was fine, but they felt the need to check anyways. When I was younger I had that, whatcha callit…fibroids? yeah, so they always were checking everything pretty thoroughly due to family history.
    I go yearly for a mammy-gram but I missed last year due to some insurance snafus, but I think I’ll be back on track this year.

    Yeah, good thing your docs are being thorough, some of them wanna just blow it off if you’re under the age of 80 and say “oh you’re fine” and “let’s just watch it”. Don’t let them do that. But seems like you’re in good hands. Especially following up with the Ultrasound.

    Keep us updated if you feel like sharing…I’m sure lots of us have been through it or had someone experience the same things and we can give you support! I ❀ U Dragonfly!

  3. Joanell says:

    Dude, I realize I didn’t leave my twitter name. Yeah… It’s desirousgoddess. Aiight.

  4. SarahA says:

    OMG!!! How did you not tell me about this earlier? Let me just say that most of the people I know who have had lumps (my mom, my old roommate, one of my old BFFs) turned out to be fine! They just wanted to be sure. But anyway, I’ve never had a mammogram so I’d be scared too just to have one. Anyway, you’ll be fine!! And you know if you need to talk to someone I’m around! You better let us know when you find out you’re OK & all that. And woohoo, another girl for the big boobs club πŸ˜‰

  5. joa says:

    I swear, I didn’t feel ANY lumps, although… I didn’t bust out my ultra sound machine.

  6. yeah….@JOA…..maybe you need to feel me up more often??!! #justsayin

  7. joa says:

    You are going to be OK. It sounds like your doctors are being very thorough which is excellent. Take extra good care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. You and your jugs will get through this. I felt them up, so I KNOW these things πŸ˜‰


  8. Joanell says:

    Girl, thank you so much for sharing. I found a lump a couple months ago and my doctor laughed at me. It was nothing, but I COMPLETELY freaked. It is amazing that you are so strong through this. I can’t wait to read the follow up blog where you tell us it was benign, and you are perfectly fine. Oh! And thank you for the info. about the mammogram. Like you, my girls are melonous, and it’s nice to know, when I eventually have an exam, that I won’t be screaming for sweet relief. I am always here if you need to talk. πŸ™‚

  9. yeah….I feel positive….it’s just A LOT having 2 biopsies in 1 fucking month….but yeah, I think it will be ok….THANKS πŸ˜‰
    Just a little unnerving

  10. It’s NOT sexy and its not funny. It’s medicine and its designed to seperate you from your dignity.
    I watched my mom and several friends go though the things you are feeling now. It’s tough but there are still a lot of answers and reasons for that lump.

    Hoping for the best for you. (I hate the word “Hope” now, so “Wishing”)

    Then again, being 100% male, maybe I’m hoping for that photo shoot… πŸ˜‰


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