Don’t take benefiber before heading to The Gyno

Posted: February 1, 2010 in HELP, things you don't really want to know about me, Unfortunate Events

Yeah, sure this seems obvious….but it’s really something you don’t think about until you ACTUALLY make the mistake….and I prefer to learn the hard way…pretty much always.
When they FINALLY take you to ‘the room’ and you are just sitting there in ‘your gown’ TOTALLY HELPLESS….that is when you realize the Benefiber was a bad idea.
Do you re-dress and run to the bathroom, or just hope for the dr. to show up soon & hope for the best??
During this time you think….I am sure he has had worse situations…..
I haven’t had any kids but I am pretty sure LOTS of gross things happen during that process…..
My stomach gurgled for almost an hour before the dr FINALLY showed up but I made it through the ordeal w/o further embarrassing myself….except now I have shared this experience with all of you, which is probably ANOTHER mistake.
Needless to say I learned a lesson…and in case you are as stupid as me I though I would pass on my new life lesson to you

  1. mcneatoburrito says:

    As if the OB/GYN thing isn’t STRESSFUL enough. I’ve had to pee really badly & been in the same situation, so I wrapped a sheet around my ass and walked down the hall, yelled to the nurse “HEY I’M IN HERE” so she’d know if they were looking for me LOL. I made them wait for me because they were in the room when I got back (SUCKERS, how do THEY like waiting in that COLD ASS ROOM?)
    I probably just gave TMI myself, but hey…that’s how people learn from others right? Now you and I have helped millions, just like Oprah by sharing intimate details. Oh, did I mention my Dr. is HOT? Seems awesome except it’s kind of embarrassing, especially with his nurse staring at my vag too…HA HA HA!

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