Perry Farrell Update Jan. 28

Posted: January 28, 2010 in pets, random

Look @ all the new baby traps that Perry Farrell is growing!! 🙂

  1. Lisa Damian says:

    I love that you named your Venus Fly Trap Perry Ferrell. I used to see him around when I lived in L.A. and am apparently in a Jane’s Addiction video (a member in the crowd of a private invite outdoor party at a lodge with a pool up in the mountains where they played all day and filmed videos — very fun), but to this day, I still haven’t seen that particular video.

    I’ve never attempted carniverous plants. Yours seems to like what you’re doing though. It’s certainly flourishing!

  2. Yes, I ordered dead dry flies when I ordered “HIM”……but of course when it’s warmer he will get LIVE stuff!!!

  3. Amy says:

    Do you actually have flies for him to eat?

  4. Oh I can’t grow ‘REAL’ houseplants for Shit…but Perry has a little ecosystem set up w/ a plant lamp & stuff…..I take good care of him

  5. mcneatoburrito says:

    You’ve seen “Little Shop of Horrors” right? You may not wanna overfeed ole Perry…some of Yiska’s eggs will start disappearing! How are u able to keep plants alive? I am the worst at houseplants. I can grow veggies, but not houseplants…hmmm…

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