Sometimes pain killers should be a ‘Given’

Posted: January 27, 2010 in things you don't really want to know about me, Uncategorized

So I had the biopsy today…..I had to get up early and stuff, too.
It wasn’t as traumatic as I thought it would be but I still felt I was owed some pain killers. They were like do you have Motrin….I’m like yeah but this shit hurts….and finally after some good acting they gave me some Vicodin.
I actually think that was the least they could do even if the procedure didn’t cause ALL day pain like I thought it might….
I mean if you have to have a biopsy I think you should get whatever you want. I mean not like ‘The Make a Wish’ foundation……but at least some good pain killers….seriously.

  1. NikkiMoi says:

    That last paragraph has me in hysterics. Good grief, woman, you are a trip!

    And how did I not know you were having a biopsy? Did you talk about it yesterday when I forgot to get on Twitter? What was biopsied? I’ve had some unfun boob biopsies. Thank goodness my tits don’t look like road maps from any scarring.

    Oh, the key to getting Vicodin pronto is becoming allergic to all meds like aspirin, Advil, Motrin, etc. *nod* I have those allergies, so all I can take is the heavy duty stuff. But that shit scares me, so I take nothing. Whining at least gets me attention.

    Hope you feel better soon, hon.

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