DUMB Hotel Receptionists & when NOT to irritate me

Posted: January 12, 2010 in airline, really stupid people, travel

Ok….so I have been holding up my strength (for the most part) and been pleasant…maybe tired but trucking through this insane work schedule….I mean we ALL know I NEED and want to work…..it’s just I am sort of way behind on ‘Life’ and unfortunately some fairly important dr. visits…not to mention EXHAUSTED…..I have had 4 days off since December 18th and 2 of those days I LITERALLY spent the ENTIRE time asleep or getting up to pee– oh wait I did clean the kitchen & do laundry @ 6am one of those days— but went back to sleep.
So la la …..anywho….I got in from London Sunday & back ‘on call’ Mon & Tues’ DESPERATLEY hoping to just lay low regroup & catch up….but NO…..I am writing you from Mexico City.
This was really THE straw…..le sigh….and I am VERY OVER ‘Scheduling’ telling ME what to do/ when after doing this job for like 10 freaking yrs…..but I will not get into that at the moment….
Honestly….I was in NO MOOD from ‘the get go’ today…..I mean Fierce…and that doesn’t happen much…..like when I am @ work I tend to be the flight attendant that is always smiling & friendly etc…..but today NOT having it. I wasn’t mean, or rude….but I definitely know my face said do NOT even think about it……….
The flight was fine and actually everyone was pleasant……..
When I arrived @ the hotel, here in Mexico City, I inquired about internet access in the room and if it was complimentary (for crew members) and what I needed to do. My answer was a non convincing ‘dial 0 when you reach your room’…..I EVEN asked…”When I dial 0 am I going to be talking to YOU again??”
Moving on…….When I did arrive in my room there was a plug that said internet access which clearly needed a cable which was clearly not in my desk drawer. So I dialed the infamous ‘0’….to which the operator replied that I need to leave a deposit @ the front desk (which will be returned…and that also happens to be where I receive the cable)…REALLY?? I asked why they didn’t give me that information when I JUST asked not 5 mins ago, while downstairs…..
She didn’t know and offered to transfer me but I said I was going to have to go down there anyway…….
When I say I am in NO MOOD….I mean I am in NO MOOD……
When I arrived @ the front desk AGAIN I asked the lady…..”Remember 5 mins ago when I asked about accessing internet in the room and you said to dial 0??….. Any reason you didn’t also inform me that I need to leave a deposit with you AND get a cable from you?”
I’m sorry I am not generally that blatant….but REALLY??? That is literally one of the STUPIDEST things EVER and I was going to let her know how I felt about it….not to mention I am exhausted & jet lagged & just overall irritated & over stressed, etc…..
Her reply was some mangled explanation that I just asked how to access internet…..to which I said….”Now don’t you think if I was asking about accessing internet I would be ACTUALLY accessing internet & would need ALL the information about HOW to access??”
Anyway, that is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard of and I am not here long enough nor do I have the energy to fill out comment card…..
I can’t believe I mustered up the blog…but it deserved a blog….it really did

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