Electrical Issues

Posted: January 9, 2010 in airline, travel

Well if you are a somewhat devote follower of me on Twitter AgentDragonFly then you will know that in the last month I have had difficulty with electrical itmes in the UK………
#1—OLD flat Iron broke….but it was old so I didn’t think much of it, but…..I couldn’t find an exact replica so I bought what I thought to be even better….it heated up originally (while in UK, but then just died….it would turn on but not heat up)…….this situation happened with it’s replacement, as well– the following week
After those 2 trips to London I found a replicate of  ‘old flat iron’…..AND while in airport I spoke with people @ BrookStone & asked for BEST EVER CONVERTER not just ‘adapter’…….They suggested the follwing (which was what I was ALREADY using:
So I insisted on something a bit more heavy duty……and left with the following:

When I first arrived to my hotel rooom in UK this thing didn’t work AT ALL….but eventually it worked w/ computer & then it DID work w/ my flat iron……but after the flat ironing it started to smoke…..hmmm…
Right….well…..I unplugged everything & left for dinner…….when I came back I showered & washed hair which required flat ironing -once again-…le sigh……
So after this intense flat ironing session the ‘converter’ blew a fuse in the hotel room……
Since then said ‘converter’ doesn’t work AT ALL but it was finicky to begin with……..
So….yesterday (before I left for London) I thought I would buy a ‘travel’ surge protecter:
Um…at this point in the story I ALSO realize that I have NO idea how to seperate these pictures in order to coincide with different parts of the blog….so try to keep up……
Next comes my experience w/the traveling surge protector…….which basically is no experience at all due to it’s size & demand for a 3 prong outlet, or whtever:
By the way I while I was getting ready for work yesterday my OLD hairdryer blew up & I was blessed w/ a surprise FUCKING FAST ASS run to WalMart to buy a new hairdryer (with 1/2 wet hair….also it was DRY and fucked by the time I arrived back home…but whatever)—–
Anyway…..due to ALL my electrical issues this is now what my ‘styling space’ looks like in my hotel room—
NOTICE: I am not able to use a converter OR surge protecter & am just using the stupid simple ‘ADAPTER’ after ALL that……….
As long as nothing else blows up I don’t really care……..

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